'Tis better to wed in hell



Mia Cordier


  • Magical accessory (ring) (ressurects the bearer for 1d12 hours, one use only)
    • If her ring taken
  • Magical accessory (ring) (cursed)
    • If his ring taken
  • 500gp and 250 exp
    • If one ring delivered
  • 600gp, 300exp and Robes
    • If both rings delivered


  • Magical Weapon
    • If husband’s tomb pilfered
  • Magic Armour
    • If ring is placed on husbands finger after pilfering


Mia offers quest: take my ring to my husband, place it on his finger and bring me his finger with the ring intact.

Husband is found in any floor of the crypt with a perception DC of 30

'Tis better to wed in hell

Codex Necros Helveta