Rhogar Madeonan


An excerpt from the chronicles of Rhogar Madeonan.

As a young dragon I lived in a old fortress built many generations ago by the forefathers of our clan, I was trained in all traditional forms of fighting, I was taught to read and write, maths, the ways of world and I was taught most importantly, honour.

I excelled in fighting and survival, it became almost an obsession, the search of better technique and more opponents to fight. This need to become better, was to be my downfall. Shortly after my 18th birthday, another young bold dragon challenged my honour. And my pride lead me to a dual and it lead him to his death. As this dual was not justified by the dragon elders I was cast from my land, exiled to an existence alone.

In the forest my bitterness grew and with that the thought of needing no one. I learnt how to forge weapons and armour. That kept me, with extra left for ale and other necessities such as whetstones, hammers and leather. Through this work and labour I became strong, and my senses where honed.

My attraction to fighting lead me on to start hiring my services as a mercenary, I made a tidy sum but I did it equally for the feel during battle as I did for the money. After a few years of this life I was approached by two wizards, both high elf type figures, its good in my line of work to know what kind of people approach you.

They offered me a job different to all the others I had done, no money up front as I usually demand but instead the promise of lots of fighting and the chance for the biggest haul of my life.

Traits and Appearance


Ability Values

Ability Value
Strength X
Constitution X
Dexterity X
Intelligence X
Wisdom X
Charisma X

Skill Values

Skill Value
Acrobatics X
Arcana X
Athletics X
Bluff X
Diplomacy X
Dungeoneering X
Endurance X
Heal X
History X
Insight X
Intimidate X
Nature X
Perception X
Religion X
Stealth X
Streetwise X
Thievery X


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