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This is a wiki solely for a certain DnD group in the North East of England, we know who we are!


This will probably only be used for my DMing for the moment and as the majority of my encounters, or at least the main story of the campaign, will contain undead monsters this wiki is devoted to the undead, reanimated everythings and crypts, graveyards and a whole menagerie of ghoulish surrounds.

Player Characters

So far the characters for this campaign are:

Arranis- Male, unaligned, eldarin war wizard

Zedanazul- Female, unaligned, tiefling warlock

Helveta- Male, evil, eldarin control wizard-rogue

Malphezra- Male, good, eldarin rogue

Rhogar- Male, unaligned, dragonborn warlord

Curatio- Male, good, elven cleric (possibly dead)

Abraxas- Male, unaligned, dragonborn paladin


So far in this campaign there is only one hamlet and one two dungeons (that’s right I made another one), but here is a list of towns, villages, cities, hamlets, metropolises, all other settlements in this campaign, dungeons, caves, caverns, crevasses, crypts, graveyards, grottos, lairs, mountains, lakes, valleys, oceans and any other place of interest.


  • Villages
  • Towns
  • Cities
  • Metropolises



  • Oceans
  • Valleys
  • Rivers
  • Other Geography

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