Kiel is a very small settlement just south of the Bergen Mountains, it’s main populace consists of predominantly dwarves and humans as most inhabitants work in the nearby Bergen Mines.


Kiel is south of the Bergen Mountains and just east of a small desert, this leaves it as an unlikely place for a settlement to start up but due to a close-by river and the allure of the copper in the Bergen mines a population of roughly one-hundred has been drawn to the hamlet.

Places in Kiel

In Kiel there are only a few buildings, the inhabitants mainly reside in small shacks and other crude forms of shelter. Of notable places of intrest are:
  • The Bear’s Arms, the armoury, where the dwarf [Name] smelts and works the copper excavated from the nearby mine.
  • Potions Potions Potions, where the tiefling Mia has her alchemical laboratory and creates potions and curative remedies for ill or injured townsfolk, it also functions as the town general store.
  • Kiel Hall, where the Mayor and his advisors judicate the hamlet’s activities.
  • Kiel Temple, a small temple devoted solely to the dragon-god Bahamut, erected by missionaries who now worship at the temple.
  • The Brazen Hawk, a small inn owned by [name], it mainly stocks dwarven meads and ales but also caters to other tastes. A room is cheap but security is very lax.
  • Kiel Mausoleum, a small crypt which the majority of Kiel’s ihabitants ancestors reside in, due to a recent cave in at the mine several newly lain caskets have been placed in the mausoleum.

NPCs living in Kiel

Some of the more active inhabitants of Kiel are:

Map of Kiel


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