Helveta Quaji


The eldarin son of an alchemist and her husband, a merchant. When travelling en route to Thay they were captured by a slave driver and forced to work for undead masters. The two were split up and never again met. His mother, who was pregnant with him when captured, gave birth to him whilst working in the mines of Thay. She died soon after she gave birth to her son, but lived long enough to see him taken by one of the court Necromancers.

The Necromancer adopted and raised him as his own. He taught Helveta about magic and wizardry, keeping him secret from the authorities in thay. However one night Helveta was woken up by his adopted father casting a highly powerful necromantic spell, the resulting undead murdered the Necromancer before Helveta’s eyes, instilling an urge to one day be able to control undead himself to stop the travesty such as he was observing. He quickly gathered up basic supplies and fled the city of Thay, abandoning all memory of those harsh lands.

Luckily in his first night he happened upon a small village on the outskirts of the Thay-lands wherein he met a fellow Thay wizard. Both wanting to further their magical knowledge they set out together to experience to world!

Traits and Appearance

Stubborn but quick-thinking, Helveta uses his abilities to aid others as much as possible, however he doesn’t discern between helping a cleric feed the homeless, or helping a warlock burn them. He is pleasant at most times and rarely gets into fights with those he encounters regularly. However psychological trauma has left him introverted and somewhat paranoid, his eyes constantly scan the surroundings for any threats or slightly differently coloured walls which could easily be out to eat him.

Helveta has mid length tousled hair, unkempt and unruly at all times, no doubt a few lingering coins and a vial or two of magic residua reside therein. He wears long cloaks which obscure his frame and glisten with an otherworldy, eldarin sheen. His eyes are deep brown and piercing, relentlessly searching through dark and light to find anything which could possibly form some threat to him or his companions. His favourite attire consists mainly of sandy brown robes under a scarlet cloak.


Helveta is a level 5 wizard specialising in lingering area techniques.

Ability Values

Ability Value
Strength 11
Constitution 13
Dexterity 16
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 16
Charisma 9

Skill Values

Skill Value
Acrobatics 5
Arcana 13
Athletics 2
Bluff 1
Diplomacy 1
Dungeoneering 10
Endurance 3
Heal 5
History 13
Insight 5
Intimidate 1
Nature 10
Perception 15
Religion 6
Stealth 5
Streetwise 1
Thievery 10


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