Arranis Jennis


Arranis was born into an influential noble Eladrin family. From a very early age he scorned the family affairs, feeling himself above their squabling, instead choosing to focus on researching and becoming adept with Arcana. When the head of the family died and factions began to fight for control of different family lands and enterprises Arranis left, making his claim to the family fortune forfeit. To develop his knowledge of Arcana further Arranis found himself in the harsh lands of Thay.

After his time in Thay while resting in a village Arranis met a fellow Eladrin Wizard with a tortured past in Thay and his life as an Adventurer began.

Traits and Appearance

Arranis is a calm open minded Eladrin Wizard who’s alignment often makes him seem detached from the world, however the people close to Arranis know him to be as loyal and honorable as any.

Tall and slender Arranis keeps his hair under control but very long at the front. He almost always dresses in black with gold trim or purple with black trimed robes.


Ability Values

Ability Value
Strength X
Constitution X
Dexterity X
Intelligence X
Wisdom X
Charisma X

Skill Values

Skill Value
Acrobatics X
Arcana X
Athletics X
Bluff X
Diplomacy X
Dungeoneering X
Endurance X
Heal X
History X
Insight X
Intimidate X
Nature X
Perception X
Religion X
Stealth X
Streetwise X
Thievery X

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Arranis Jennis


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